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  The Chinese Nursing Association (CNA) is a non-profit registered academic and commonweal corporate body voluntarily formed by Chinese nursing science and technology professionals, and the bridge and the link to relate the government and nursing workers, and an important social force in the development of nursing care delivery in China. The CNA, as one of the national society belonged to China Association for Science and Technology, was dual leaded by China Association for Science and Technology and Ministry of Health of China.
  Chinese nursing association (CNA) was established at Guling, Jiangxi provice on August 19th, 1909. The CNA, situated at Beijing, now has branches all over the country, including Hong Kong and Macao. The national member congress is the highest authority of the CNA. Between the national member congresses, the council is the actuator. The council elected board chairman, vice board chairman, secretary general and standing director to form standing council. The CNA now has 9 working committee, 24 specialty societies, which undertake routine work and academic activities etc. The CNA now has Chinese journal of nursing and Chinese journal of nursing education, the former one, as the earliest nursing academic journal in china, now has become the most authoritative nursing professional journal in china. In 2009, the Science and Technology Award of CNA has become the highest award in Chinese nursing.
  Aims of the CNA including: abiding by the constitution, laws, regulations, carrying out the national policy of developing nursing technology, advocating nursing ethics, insisting on the principle of democracy, improving the professional competence of nursing workers, promoting the development of nursing, giving full play to academic democracy, protecting the lawful benefit of nursing workers.
  The missions of the CNA including: organizing academic exchanges and demonstration and assessment of scientific research project for nursing workers, publishing professional science and technology periodicals and books, spreading technology knowledge and advanced technique of nursing, carrying out continuing education of members, providing consult of national important policies and regulations on nursing, reporting the advice and demand of the members to government, protecting the right of members, and serving for the members.
  As the earliest academic society in china, the CNA has gradually expanded with the changes in China’s social development during the past century.Passing through untold hardships ,the CAN adheres to the spirit of working hard for the caring purpose of nusing. The CNA will forcefully promote the development of Chinese nursing, the grow-up of qualified nurses and the advancement of medical care.
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