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  The 26th National Congress of the Chinese Nursing Association To be held ceremoniously in October 31,2012 Beijing Convention Center,that on the eve of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.358 representatives from domestic 33 provinces (city), the autonomous region, Hongkong, Macao Special Administrative Region and the military attended the meeting,and 61 representatives were absent.
  Wu Xinjuan,the vice-president of the twenty-fifth session,chaired the opening ceremony and Li Xiuhua president delivered the opening speech.Wang Yu director of national Ministry of health,Li Qingjie undersecretary of Ministry of Civil Affairs, Jia Xiaojiu deputy director of Non-governmental Organization Management Bureau,Cheng Donghong director of the Secretariat of vice chairman of China Association for science and technology attended the opening ceremony and make important speech.
  Cheng Donghong,Chinese division assist vice-chairman, secretary Comrade,pointed out in his speech,the Chinese Nursing Association of China Association for science and technology is a important academic group,and play an irreplaceable role in promoting the subject development,uniting the broad masses of nursing science and technology workers to promote the nursing progress of science and technology after the association founded more than 100 years ago.In recent years,the Chinese Nursing Association has been developed flourishingly,achieved remarkable results of carrying out domestic and foreign nursing academic exchanges,popularizing science and technology,publishing nursing journals, organizing continuing education training.It played an important and irreplaceable role in the promotion of the first domestic legal document of nursing "The nurse regulation"was promulgated and the rescue work in the Wenchuan earthquake.She hopes that the nursing institute under the leadership of the new council could seize opportunities,take advantage of a favorable situation,make full use of"award to build"funding support to promote the service innovation,the service to the community and government affairs ability,the service members and scientific workers'ability and self development ability,than develop the institute with a good social reputation,strong development ability,high academic level,remarkable service effect,normaltive internal management for the demonstration of the society.
Li Xiuhua,the Chinese Nursing Association director, did"the twenty-fifth council working report",who was commissioned by the twenty-fifth council. The report systematic reviewed the main job over the last 5 years.The council has been persisted the principle including liberative thought,open,democracy,innovation,harmonious development,played an important role in improving society operation ability, service ability and credibility of the respect,promoted the comprehensive development of society work undering the concern and leadership of the Party Central Committee,the State Council,the State Ministry of health,China Association for science and technology,the Ministry of civil affairs for a long time.At the same time the council still has been compiled"the plan of building Chinese nursing team(2010-2020)",completed the schema of nursing plan for the next 10 years and the feasible analysis report,participated in and taken charg of"the assessment of national clinical key subject construction",established"Chinese Nursing Association Technology Award"filed and ratified by Ministry of Science and Technology and enhanced the visibility and influence of discipline,publicated"the story of Chinese Nursing Association for 100 years"in the eve of its 100 birthday, Advanced actively to join the International Council of nurses process and obtained the approval of the Ministry of foreign affairs.At the same time,the report pointed out the direction for the development of the council’s further to enhance its international influence and strengthen its basis of the organization’s building,give full play to the role of the professional committee,build excellent academic product,work pragmatically ,with pioneering spirit,to make the council develops better and faster.
  In addition,the congress discussed and adopted the financial report and the amendment of regulation report of the 25th council of the Chinese nursing Congress,discussed and adopted the representative qualification report of the 26th council of the Chinese nursing Congress and the election method of members of the Council, the executive director of the secretary-general, vice chairman, chairman of the 26th council of the Chinese nursing Congress.The congress elected democratically with Li Xiuhua as the director of the 26th Council of the Chinese nursing association,205 members of the council covering 66 executive directors,10 vice chairman(involving an executive director),1 secretary-general.The average age is 50.42 of members of this council,involving 196 with senior technical title covering 95.6% of the total number.
Guo Yanhong, Ministry of health deputy director,made a special speech about"the implementation of quality care and public hospital reform"in the afternoon and emphasized the importance of the necessity and urgency of quality nursing care, the connotation and the significance of implementing the quality of nursing care,and the hospital reform major content.
   Ying Lan, the new secretary-general,directed the closing ceremony,and Li Xiuhua,new chairman,made a report about working thinking ang planning in the following 5 years.The report puts forward that in the period of today's medical and health system reform’s important moments and nursing service rapid development in China that the council should continue to play the role of bridge and link of the government and the nursing workers,unite the broad masses of nursing workers in China,to promote the development of nursing science, promote people's health level and the construction of socialist modernization,and liberate a thought further,make persistent efforts, fulfill their duties,live up to the mission given by the party and country,make contribution for the improvement of people’s health level and the full realization of a well-off society.

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