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Chinese Nursing Association Constitution
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Chinese Nursing Association Constitution
Chapter one:General Provisions
Article 1:
Name of the Association:Chinese Nursing Association
In English:  Chinese Nursing Association
Article 2: Chinese Nursing Association is a national, academic, and public welfare nonprofit organization composed of technological workers on nursing in the whole cuuntry on their own willingness, and is a corporate social group registered and established in accordance with the law and accepted by the China Science and Technology Association, and is an important social force on the development of science and technology in nursing.
Article 3: Aims to the Institute: to comply with the Constitution, laws , regulations and national policies; to comply with social ethics; to unit and motivate the majority of nursing science and technology workers; to take economic construction as the center; to adhere to the idea that science and technology is the primary productive force; to imply the National Science and Technology basic principles on work; to promote the quality of "respect knowledge, respect talent "; to advocate the spirit of "dedication, innovation, pragmatism, collaboration"; to orient toward modernization, the world and strive for the prosperity of the nursing profession and the development of the nursing discipline; to make contribution to promoting the health of people and the realization of socialist modernization for our cuuntry.
Article 4: China Institute of Science and Technology is in charge of the business unit, and the registration and administration organ is the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. Society offices affiliated to the Ministry of Health.
Article 5: Office accommodation for the Institute is the Beijing Dongcheng District, West Street, No. 42. Postal Code is 100710.
Chapter two: Business Scope
Article 6: Business Scope of the Institute:
(A) actively conduct nursing technological and academic interactions in domestic and foreign , organize activities about the key topics of nursing scientific research and investigation, and strengthen the friendly contact with foreign nursing organizations and nursing science and technology workers ;
(B) edit, publish, and issue nursing magazine, scientific and technical books, and other material about nursing academy;
(C) vigorously promote the nursing scientific knowledge , advanced technology and performance of scientific research;
(D) carry out clinical standardized training for members; continue nursing education, improve the academic standards of the member by organizing various training courses, remedial classes, workshops and refresher courses, actively identify talents and recommend them to related department;
(E) encourage members to play an advisory role in important national nursing policy and related issues, and make reasonable suggestions actively;
(F) accept nursing technology project feasibility studies, science and technology achievement appraisal, scientific literature of the pipeline entrusted by relevant departments; recommend and reward outstanding academic papers, books and works of popular science;
(Vii) actively create conditions to carry out remote nursing education ;
(H) carry out community care consulting ;
(Ix) the training of specialist nurses and identification of business ( eligible ).
Chapter 3 of the Constitution of the Chinese Nursing Association: Member
Article 7 of the Constitution of the Chinese Nursing Association: Types of the members of the Institute are divided into individual members, unit members and foreign members.
Article 8 of the Constitution of the Chinese Nursing Association: Members who apply to join in the institute must meet the following conditions:
(1) Upholding the Constitution of the institute;
(2) Having a willingness to join in the institute;
(3) Having a certain influence in the field of nursing discipline;
(4) Nursing graduates from medical colleges and from secondary health and nursing schools or who have the equivalent educational background have made the qualifications of charge nurse above (including charge nurse).
(5) Health administrative cadres support the work of the Institute enthusiastically and actively, or teachers are engaged in nursing education.
(6) Foreign nursing researchers who have high academic achievement, friendly to our cuuntry and have a willingness to contribute themselves to the nursing development of our cuuntry can apply for the foreign member.
(7) Unit members are applied for by the unit and its members should meet the conditions of the individual members. The number of unit members is more than 30 .
Article 9 of the Constitution of the Chinese Nursing Association: The procedures for members to join in the Institute:
(1) To submit an application for membership;
(2) Introduced by the members of the Institute or recommended by the unit ,getting the approval of the Nursing Association of the province, autonomous region, or municipality, audited by the Chinese Nursing Association, discussed and adopted by the Council;
(3) Foreign member should get the approval of a higher level unit in accordance with the relevant provisions;
(4) Membership cards are issued by the Chinese Nursing Association;
Article 10 of the Constitution of the Chinese Nursing Association: Members have the following rights:
(1) The right to vote, the right to be elected and voting rights of the institute;
(2) To participate in the activities of the institute;
(3) The priority of the service of the institute;
(4) The right to criticize ,to suggest and to supervise the institute;
(5) Voluntary withdrawal from membership .
Article 11 of the Constitution of the Chinese Nursing Association: Members fulfill the following obligations:
(1) To implement the resolutions of the institute;
(2) To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the institute;
(3) To complete the work assigned by the institute;
(4) To pay membership dues In accordance with the provisions;
(5) To report the situation to the institute, to provide relevant information;
(6) To keep state secrets.
Article 12 of the Constitution of the Chinese Nursing Association: Member withdrawal notice should be in writing to the institute and the membership card should be handed over. Members who don't pay membership dues within one year are regarded as automatic withdrawal.
Article 13 of the Constitution of the Chinese Nursing Association: If members' behavior is against the Constitution seriously, the Standing Council will vote to delete the person from the list.
Chapter 4 Generation and removal of the organization and the person in charge
Article 14 The highest authority of the National Congress of the Chinese Nursing Association, the terms of reference of the Member of Congress:
(1) to amend and adopt the constitution.
(2) the election and removal of directors.
(3) the consideration of the Council's work and financial reports.
(4) the decision to terminate the matter.
(5) the development of the work of the Institute, principles and tasks.
(6) decisions on other important matters.
Article 15 Attended by representatives of more than 2/3 of the Member shall be convened only principle National Congress, and its resolution will be subject to the majority of the representatives of member vote before taking effect.
Article 16 National Congress holds each four years. Early or postponed due to special circumstances, the Board is required to vote by, and reported to the supervisory review and approval of the Societies Registration management authority agree.  But   the general extension should not be more than one year.
Article 17 The Council is the implementing agencies of the National Congress. The leadership of the Council to carry out day-to-day work of the member of Congress is responsible for.
Article 18 The terms of reference of the Council:
(1) The implementation of the resolutions of the National Congress.
(2) The election and removal of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, the Secretary-General.
(3) Of the preparations for the convening of the National Congress.
(4) Report to the National Congress, and financial condition.
(5) Determine the absorption and removal of the members.
(6) Decided to establish offices, branches, representative offices and entity institutions.
(7) The decision of the Deputy Secretary-General, the agencies responsible for the appointment.
(8) The Leadership Academy belongs agencies work.
(9) The development of the internal management system.
Article 19 More than 2/3 of the members present shall be convened only in the principle of the Governing Council and its resolutions shall be governing more than 2/3 votes before taking effect.
Article 20 The Council shall meet at least once a year meeting; forms of communication can be used in special circumstances.
Article 21 Learn to set up the executive council. General Council elected by the Council, the Council is not in session the exercise of Article 19, three, five, six, seven, eight, nine terms of reference, and responsible to the Council (executive director of the number does not exceed the number of directors1/3)
Article 22 More than 2/3 of the principle of the Standing Council executive director to attend in order to convene its resolutions shall be the executive director for more than 2/3 votes before taking effects.
Article 23 The executive council is held every six months. (Special form of communication can be used)
Article 24 Society of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, the Secretary-General must meet the following conditions :
(1) Adhere to the outstanding Chinese Communist Party's line, principles, policies, and political quality
(2) The visibility of the title of senior care experts of the nursing discipline.
(3) Have a greater impact in the business areas of the Institute.
(4) Age chairman worked more than 70 years of age, the vice chairman of principle on a part-time, the Secretary-General for a full-time, tenure age (expiry) not more than 62 years of age.
(5) Good health and able to adhere to the normal working;
(6) With full civil capacity
(7) Has not been deprived of political rights for criminal penalties
(8) Outstanding contributions to the Chinese nursing career, of high moral character and a certain well-known nursing experts can be hired as the honorary chairman of the executive director of the Council for discussion, in domestic and foreign.
Article 25 Society Chairman, Vice Chairman, the Secretary-General who exceed the maximum age, subject to the vote of the Council, reported to the supervisory review and approval of the Societies Registration management authority agreed before serving.
Article 26 Society Chairman, Vice Chairman, the Secretary-General's term of office is four years.(Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the same term of office should not be longer than two consecutive terms) due to special circumstances require an extension of the term of office shall be subject to more than 2/3 of the National Congress Member representatives vote, reported to the supervisory review and by The Societies Registration authorities agree before serving.
Article 27 Learn the legal representative of the chairman-oriented groups. The legal representative of the group shall not serve as the legal representative of the other groups.
Article 28 Society chairman shall exercise the following powers
 (1) Convenes and presides over the Council (General Council)
(2) Supervision of the National Congress, the Council, the General Council resolution implementation.
(3) Signed on behalf of the Society for important documents.
Article 29 Society of the Secretary-General in the exercise of the following powers
(1) Holding the office to carry out the day-to-day work, organization and implementation of the annual work plan.
(2) Coordination of branches, representative offices, entities agency work.
(3) Nominated Deputy Secretary-General, as well as offices, branches, representative offices and entities agency primarily responsible for the decision to pay the Council or the General Council. (4) Decided offices, representative offices and entity institutions employ full-time staff.
(5) Handle other day-to-day affairs.
Chapter V  Principle of Financial Management
Article 30 The income of the Association shall derive from:
(1) membership dues,
(2) donations;
(3) government funding;
(4) income generated from the activities or services conducted within the
approved business scope;
(5) deposit interest;
(6) Other legal income.
Article 31 This Organization shall receive membership dues in accordance with relevant regulations of the State.
Article 32 The funding of the Association shall be used for the development of the business and courses as prescribed in the Statute . It shall not be allotted among members.
Article 33 This Organization shall establish strict financial management system, and shall ensure the legitimacy, authenticity ,accuracy and integrity of the accuunting system.
Article 34 This Organization shall employ accuuntant with professional qualification. The accuuntant shall not be employed as cashier at the same time and shall conduct business accuunting and accuunting supervision. The accuuntant shall go through handing-over procedure with his/her successor when he/she is transferred to other post or quit the post.
Article 35 The asset management of the Association shall apply the financial management system stipulated by the government , and shall be supervised by the Assembly and relevant financial departments. The assets derived from the governmental allocation or public contribution and donation shall be supervised by the auditing departments. Relevant information shall be publicized as appropriate.
Article 36 Financial auditing shall be conducted by the registration authority and the business supervisory authority before the change of term of office of the Assembly or the change of the Legal Representative of this Organization.
Article 37 The asset of this Organization shall not be seized, partitioned and impropriated by any institutions or individuals.
Article 38 The salary, insurance and welfare of the full-time staff of the Association shall be allocated in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State on institutions.
Chapter VI Amendment of the Statute
Article 39 The amendment to the Statute shall be adopted by the Council before being reported to the Assembly for consideration.
Article 40 The amended Statute shall be effective after it is adopted by the Assembly and submitted to the business supervisory authority for review and approval within 15 days of the adoption of the amendment by the Assembly and reported to registration authority for ratification.
Chapter VII  The disposition of the property after the termination of the procedure and terminate
Article 42   The motion will be terminated by the Council or the General Council if the Society of the completion of the purpose or dissolve itself or canceled due to separation, merger and other reasons.
Article 43   The termination of the motion shall be subject to the National Congress by a vote of the report and to the business unit in charge of examination and approval.
Article 44   Before the termination of the Society, the liquidation organization shall be established  under the guidance of the business unit in charge of the relevant authorities to settle claims and debts, dealing with the aftermath. During liquidation, not to carry out activities other than liquidation.
Article 45  Institute of Management Societies Registration Authority deregistered will soon terminated.
Article 46  Remaining property after the termination of the Society, under the supervision of the competent business unit and is registered as an association management authorities, in accordance with relevant state regulations for development related to the purpose of the group's career.
Chapter VIII   Supplementary  Provisions
Article 47   Interpretation lies in the charter of the Council of the Institute.
Article 48  The Articles of Association with effect from the date of the Societies Registration authority.


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